Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Catching Up, Baby News, Haiti

Hi All,
Since my father and mother-in-law died in August, blogging hasn't really been something I've been very interested in. I tried once to write about how my father passed away and the events that had taken place. It was too painful and too personal (for me) to share. It was horribly traumatic for me. In short, my father had collapsed in front of me and I administered CPR. He was trying to breathe on his own when the the paramedics arrived and had an irregular heartbeat. He was taken off machines at the hospital later and officially passed on at 8:16 pm. The date? 8/16/09. It was God's timing to take him to Heaven. It was only seven days after my mother-in-law had passed on from cancer. My husband was still in South Africa the day my father died. It was a horrific time for us.
God has provided much healing to our family. I'm trying to keep this short and not get back into the reminiscing mode because I need to stay out of that "zone." It was truly traumatic for me and I often dream and imagine that day in my head and it is very painful. Focusing on other things and what lies ahead and is present has really helped me to heal.

In November, we learned we are having another baby. I'm in my fourth month now, with our fourth child. My younger brother and his wife are having twins about two months before us.
As a friend wrote, she personally knows the restorative power of new life.

We are part of BEM HAITI, an already established ministry to Haiti.
Please visit to support this ministry. As I write it, the US director for BEM Haiti is in Les Cayes, bringing food and aid to refugees from Port-au-Prince.
or see us on Facebook
Bethesda Evangelical Mission in Haiti. Just do a search for the group.

All my best,