Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas


I wish all my family and friends many blessings this year.
Thank you for your friendship.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

another 22 worder

The instructor asked, "what do plants need to grow?"
Just as I would, children answer the norm.
My son states, "love."

I found the 22 words challenge so fun/interesting/intriguing/challenging; I had to go for another.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get Your Brain Hats On!

Above is a photo of a recent project--a brain hat and some of the books I've been using to begin studying the Human Body. We haven't been doing it regularly because our My Father's World curriculum isn't doing that yet. I am enjoying the study of birds they are doing in because they go through the state bird as we move from state to state. But, we've been so interested in studying the human body that I wanted to delve in. I got three of these books used, one as a gift and one I bought when my nine year old was just about four years old through a book club. What we've found most beneficial is just using several resources. The Usborne book is amazing, graphically speaking. The Human Body Book (project book) is one of my favs of all time. The boys have greatly enjoyed this.
The kewl thing is, is that Rachezz was involved in a study that is doing research for children with absence seizures. They wanted to test children who don't have it and compare. Well, he had an MRI, so when we got a pic of his brain in the mail...we were able to name all the areas even in just the shaded black and white photo. It was so fun!
Here are the two pages that are consumable/reproducible. The boys loved being able to make this brain hat. You can see it more closely on the bottom photo.


Abraham Piper likes telling kid stories, but now he wants to hear mine [or yours] in 22 words.

When sharing that sins were sacrificially placed on Jesus, my five year old responded with a grievous expression, "did it hurt him?"

Look what's in our stockings!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My cute husband

I had said, "Honey, let me take your picture..."
Well, I guess he heard,
"Honey, tilt your head and open your mouth before you swallow that humongous bite of food because I want to take your picture!"
This is not uncommon although it doesn't always include food...see here...
I'm sorry, but isn't it weird that I find him incredibly adorable even when he is so uncooperative? Uh, I hate the power he has over know that even when he's a pain in the butt, I could stop and just
kiss him to pieces.
This photo was supposed to be a post about a homeschool project. To see just what all the fuss was, I've posted it on our homeschool blog:

Who knew Hasty Pudding would be Tasty?

It was part of My Father's World curriculum. I thought about skipping it.

Then, the more we read about colonial times, the more I wondered just what people ate during those times. We read how Ben Franklin ate and served sawdust pudding to prove that he could live miserly to complaining inventors who tried to manipulate him into printing what would serve them best in his newspaper. So...we were curious if this type of food was as gross as it sounds.
It was actually quite OK. It tasted like corn bread batter. OK, so you won't find us eating cornbread batter. However, when you think something is going to taste like sawdust, you just may find yourself enjoying cornbread batter.
My husband whipped out the syrup, which actually made the HASTY pudding, TASTY pudding! Hunter ate two bowls, while our friend who had stopped by got to be our guinea pig--he ate three bowls (see our small "bowls" for reference.) I believe he would have licked the bottom of the pan if he could! : )
It has been so interesting studying colonial times. I'm so grateful.