Friday, December 5, 2008

My cute husband

I had said, "Honey, let me take your picture..."
Well, I guess he heard,
"Honey, tilt your head and open your mouth before you swallow that humongous bite of food because I want to take your picture!"
This is not uncommon although it doesn't always include food...see here...
I'm sorry, but isn't it weird that I find him incredibly adorable even when he is so uncooperative? Uh, I hate the power he has over know that even when he's a pain in the butt, I could stop and just
kiss him to pieces.
This photo was supposed to be a post about a homeschool project. To see just what all the fuss was, I've posted it on our homeschool blog:

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Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

I think he needs to close his mouth next time! He He...they don't like pictures very much do they?


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