Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inuit Soap Carving

What I love about My Father's World is that it is a Unit Study (as well as classical and Charlotte Mason.) The last two weeks, we studied Canada. So, as part of Art, we learned about how young Inuits learn the art of carving by starting with soap carving. My boys absolutely loved it.
It was messy, but worth the clean up, no pun intended. It wasn't easy to clean up! Perhaps next time, I'll plan to just lather up that soap and wash the floor with it. Much easier than sweeping it up.
The book above is The Book of Animals.
The book above, Global Art, is a part of the curriculum. I love it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Buh Bye October and Our Formal Reading Time

We love painting our pumpkins...we picked these up in early October and they managed to roll all through our dining room, living room and kitchen through the month. Finally, a week ago, we put them out on the porch to share with the neighbors.
In the morning, we gather to read through a wonderful resource: Window on the World. There we read about a particular country in the region we are studying. We learn about the culture, where Christ is and isn't evident and then we have specific prayers for the country. We are ALL learning so much and I love becoming aware of what's outside our borders.
We get VERY comfy sometimes...but who can't listen upside down. Plus, aren't those Spidy socks just the best. And, Batman has left the building...

If you're interested at all in our homeschooling, I posted on Learning By His Good Grace.


Our School's very small, so we keep all the resources in here and bring the work out to the dining or living room (lounge for reading!) The book rack was an awesome find at Costco for $15. It holds all their notebooks. The cup was a pencil organize that my husband just screwed to the wall. It works perfectly. The baby's desk is in the middle. He likes being involved.
We are using My Father's World, Exploring Countries and Cultures. I am amazed at how this works. I spend a few minutes of prep time each day for the boxes.
I couldn't be happier with the organization of Workboxes.

Since the boys use many of the same resources, often I just put a sticky in the box and they know to just get the book when it's done, or they check if their brother would like to read with them or not.