Thursday, December 2, 2010

Preschoolin' It

Jeremy Casey is a preschooler this year. He loves copying his brothers as they write. He has very quickly begun to write his name properly. I never asked or prompted him to write, some days he follows me around the house with a pen and paper--or one day he had a word search and kept saying, "ma, tell me a wedder!" Then, he'd try to find it and circle it. Or I would find it and circle it and he would duplicates. He is a fun little guy to do activities with. Can you believe that alligator? (above) I asked him how he colored it so neatly and his reply was, "Daddy told me to always try to color in the lines!" OK...can he please be that accurate with all the direction we give him and uh oh yeah, please tell his brothers and sister to do the same?!

Below is a video of what we were doing recently. I got the two alphabet foam boards from the dollar store and the teddy bears (teddy bears on a shoelace) at Staples. Very inexpensive activity. But, he's really beginning to learn his letters.