Monday, January 17, 2011


It's not a month past Christmas 2010; technically, this can still be timely!

Here are some of our Christmas photos. I finally put a bunch together for a card when I realized in almost every photo our baby girl was grabbing someone's hair, or face or just doing something funny.

The message reads, " Love [US] and our newest troublemaker..."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm joining FOR EDIE WITH LOVE today.

Life in Grace is one of those blogs I love to check regularly. I find Edie to be so inspirational, so sweet, I love her style, her posts are always so interesting, but it is her complete abandonment in writing that really draws me in. There are posts of Edie's that read like beautiful literature and I'm drawn in not only by the content, but the style. And, by abandonment I mean this: she's genuine. I don't believe she writes to try to portray who she wants to be seen as; she writes who she is: a sinner who needs a savior, one who wants to be sanctified continuously. One post that came to mind was when she writes about how divorce affected her children.
I feel like most people would write a post explaining how everything is OK now because they have a new beautiful marriage. Instead, Edie just lays it out there. Raw truth, lacking pride.

My heart broke the morning I read about the fire. I cannot even imagine. So thankful God spared their lives. There was never a doubt though, that The Wadsworth family's faith wouldn't succumb to this tragedy.

Another post that really hit home for me was this one
The Bridegroom
I wrote to Edie to express how much this post meant to me.
I hope she doesn't mind if I share her response here, but I believe it's very telling of her faith and response in the midst of their own trial right now.
...There is something very unique about suffering though. It drives us to Christ-----where we find our peace and hope---like nothing else can. And I know that He will work all those hurts together for your good, to strengthen you and to give you character and hope and a full abundant life. I pray for you today and am thankful that God is doing a work in your heart.
lots of love and blessings,
edie thankful to know you, to read about your life and to be able to share in this time of blessing you in this way.