Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This is part of Chatting at the Sky's Tuesday's Unwrapped. Today's post inspired me to think about a different kind of rest I got recently. In the midst of our purposeful trip to Arlington National Cemetery on September 10th, my husband and I decided to take a couple or ten photos of ourselves in our hotel room...using a mirror. It ended up being the perfect medicine. We got a little rest from our grief. We simply could not get the photos right. First we tried the annoying sideway peace sign. And, then made quite a few unsuccessful attempts to just take a proper photo. OH WELL!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


For a bride and groom's cake table.
For a Quinceanera
For a repeat client...now I get to create some for their newest daughter!
For a referral from a client...I am so honored when clients refer me to their friends!
And lastly, for another bride and groom!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Since we're using Workboxes--and I LOVE THEM!!! I took Sue Patrick's advice about posters--setting them up for the children. I found a BUNCH of them at www.teacherstorehouse.com for $1.99 each. As she suggests, I bought two of each, then cut one of them up, set it up with velcro and walllllaaahhh, a poster activity. I bought the cardboard display board for about $3. I already had leftover velcro. So, I put this together--for my toddler. I was so surprised at how excited and curious he was with this. My mom took a few of the posters home to help me in getting the duplicates cut out so that I can make some more. The neat thing is that I velcroed the back of the poster so that I can switch it out with others. I also cut up a file folder and taped it on both sides to hold the pieces. And, since it's a display board, it rests right on the floor. The baby, OK my three year old couldn't get enough of this and now the older boys are begging for their CENTERS and posters!

I do have to say using Workboxes and My Father's World ECC together has been amazing so far. I am so happy with the system and I love what we're doing. They really go well together. I can't believe how smoothly our year has started and the circumstances of our life lately would have made it highly unlikely. I am VERY thankful for this.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Treasure Hunt at Arlington

This is my nephew. This very special moment came just moments after the military funeral service for my father took place. The Chaplain stated, "Dennis honored the flag with his life; now the flag will honor Dennis." Then came the twenty-one gun salute; taps was played. It was beautiful. But, in the midst of the sad encore of walking away from where my father's remains would, remain, came a wonderful treasure hunt for those interested: the shell casings from the twenty-one gun salute. At first, I wondered why my nephews, aunts and cousins were doing a sort of chicken stroll and staring at the ground. For some reason, it took me quite a while to ask. Oh, the bullets, I thought!
The following day at the Smithsonian, my husband came up with the idea of having dog tags made with my father's name, Arlington N C and the date of interment on them, we'll make a hole in the bullet shell and our two oldest boys along with my youngest nephew will get them as a remembrance of their special treasure hunt.
In the midst of the mundane, exhausting trial of grief, God gave us these little gifts. I am thankful.
This post is a part of TUESDAYS UNWRAPPED
Thank you Emily for helping me to recognize these moments.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heading to Arlington

My whole family will be heading to Arlington National Cemetery to bury my father in the place he desired to be interred. I know, with great assurance that he is with the Lord--finally at peace. My father was a combat Vietnam Veteran and suffered his entire life afterwards from PTSD. I know, know, know, that finally his mind is at ease and he's in a glorious place of worshiping God. It's what made him feel best when he was here on earth--so I know Heaven bound must be simply the most ultimate freedom imaginable! My father died on 8/16 at 8:16pm. Isn't that something? We're not into numbers or superstitious about anything like that--but it was pretty amazing when my mom realized that. God's perfect timing for his life.
We've had to put off saying good-bye until it was scheduled in Arlington and now it is really beginning to hit me that it's happening. I don't know how anyone does this in just a matter of days, we've had a few weeks to grieve in between the wake and burial. The other night I began to write about my father's last day, but it is just too personal to share at this stage. For now, I just wanted to share a few photos of my dad. Pray for us if you think of us. Thank you for those of you who have been praying. Keep both my mom and my father-in-law in your prayers. It's unbelievable to think my husband and I both lost a parent in the same week, but we trust the Lord. It's even more to imagine, that they have both lost a spouse.
My father had many illnesses, one of which was diabetes caused by Agent Orange (from Vietnam) but years ago he was physically healed of blindness. It was documented that my father was going blind. He prayed one night and accepted the Lord and asked for healing in his eyes. The next day he went to the doctor at a scheduled appointment and much to the doctor's surprise, every bit of damage in my father's eyes were gone. The diagnosis of going totally blind within two years, was erased. My mother was able to donate my father's corneas to organ donation two weeks ago. His eyes were near perfect. A diabetic--able to live on through organ donation--now that's ONLY BY HIS GOOD GRACE.
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