Thursday, September 17, 2009


Since we're using Workboxes--and I LOVE THEM!!! I took Sue Patrick's advice about posters--setting them up for the children. I found a BUNCH of them at for $1.99 each. As she suggests, I bought two of each, then cut one of them up, set it up with velcro and walllllaaahhh, a poster activity. I bought the cardboard display board for about $3. I already had leftover velcro. So, I put this together--for my toddler. I was so surprised at how excited and curious he was with this. My mom took a few of the posters home to help me in getting the duplicates cut out so that I can make some more. The neat thing is that I velcroed the back of the poster so that I can switch it out with others. I also cut up a file folder and taped it on both sides to hold the pieces. And, since it's a display board, it rests right on the floor. The baby, OK my three year old couldn't get enough of this and now the older boys are begging for their CENTERS and posters!

I do have to say using Workboxes and My Father's World ECC together has been amazing so far. I am so happy with the system and I love what we're doing. They really go well together. I can't believe how smoothly our year has started and the circumstances of our life lately would have made it highly unlikely. I am VERY thankful for this.


Confessions of a Homeschooler said...

I have a friend doing MFW ECC this year and she said she's having a hard time with the boxes as a lot of it is reading to them, how do you fill your boxes? Big question, but maybe a sample day or something?

Branch Of Wisdom said...

Great poster center :) Thanks for sharing!