Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heading to Arlington

My whole family will be heading to Arlington National Cemetery to bury my father in the place he desired to be interred. I know, with great assurance that he is with the Lord--finally at peace. My father was a combat Vietnam Veteran and suffered his entire life afterwards from PTSD. I know, know, know, that finally his mind is at ease and he's in a glorious place of worshiping God. It's what made him feel best when he was here on earth--so I know Heaven bound must be simply the most ultimate freedom imaginable! My father died on 8/16 at 8:16pm. Isn't that something? We're not into numbers or superstitious about anything like that--but it was pretty amazing when my mom realized that. God's perfect timing for his life.
We've had to put off saying good-bye until it was scheduled in Arlington and now it is really beginning to hit me that it's happening. I don't know how anyone does this in just a matter of days, we've had a few weeks to grieve in between the wake and burial. The other night I began to write about my father's last day, but it is just too personal to share at this stage. For now, I just wanted to share a few photos of my dad. Pray for us if you think of us. Thank you for those of you who have been praying. Keep both my mom and my father-in-law in your prayers. It's unbelievable to think my husband and I both lost a parent in the same week, but we trust the Lord. It's even more to imagine, that they have both lost a spouse.
My father had many illnesses, one of which was diabetes caused by Agent Orange (from Vietnam) but years ago he was physically healed of blindness. It was documented that my father was going blind. He prayed one night and accepted the Lord and asked for healing in his eyes. The next day he went to the doctor at a scheduled appointment and much to the doctor's surprise, every bit of damage in my father's eyes were gone. The diagnosis of going totally blind within two years, was erased. My mother was able to donate my father's corneas to organ donation two weeks ago. His eyes were near perfect. A diabetic--able to live on through organ donation--now that's ONLY BY HIS GOOD GRACE.
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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...


I am praying for your family and am so sorry for your great loss.

WOW on your dad's eyes! God is so good and IN CONTROL!!! He is faithful and worthy to be praised. He will be your comfort as you miss your daddy. Keep looking forward, my friend, to that glad reunion day!

emily said...

Thank you thank you for sharing these photos and thoughts with us today. I love the way you recognized the timing of him meeting Jesus...as if 8:16 marks the time he stopped being here and started being there. Fluid and continual.

Again, thank you for giving a glimpse into this most difficult time. And for your eternal perspective that I'm certain you may be both resentful of and thankful for all at the same time.

Holley said...

Thanks for your sweet note! I'm so glad I got to stop by and see pics of your dad. I loved hearing how you have been looking for God's hand (8/16 at 8:16) even in the middle of your sadness. Still praying for you...

Karin Katherine said...

I'm lifting your family up in prayer and praising the miracles you've shared. I pray you will continue to find comfort in the one that loves you best and knows you best...Our Lord God Almighty.