Friday, December 5, 2008

Who knew Hasty Pudding would be Tasty?

It was part of My Father's World curriculum. I thought about skipping it.

Then, the more we read about colonial times, the more I wondered just what people ate during those times. We read how Ben Franklin ate and served sawdust pudding to prove that he could live miserly to complaining inventors who tried to manipulate him into printing what would serve them best in his newspaper. So...we were curious if this type of food was as gross as it sounds.
It was actually quite OK. It tasted like corn bread batter. OK, so you won't find us eating cornbread batter. However, when you think something is going to taste like sawdust, you just may find yourself enjoying cornbread batter.
My husband whipped out the syrup, which actually made the HASTY pudding, TASTY pudding! Hunter ate two bowls, while our friend who had stopped by got to be our guinea pig--he ate three bowls (see our small "bowls" for reference.) I believe he would have licked the bottom of the pan if he could! : )
It has been so interesting studying colonial times. I'm so grateful.

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Fifi said...

Sounds and looks like a breakfast MrGee enjoys ...... called Tasty Wheat!