Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Legos and a Lego Cake...Oh and a nine year old

My baby turned 9 this weekend. Nine. 9. As all mommies say, the time sure has flown. His first day as a nine year old began with Legos. Hmmm...no different than his days as an eight year old, seven year old, six year old and so forth, er back. Opening some pressies and then onto some cupcakes for breakfast!
Yes, that is the Dangerous Book for Boys, book. It's fantastical.
And, that black box...it's a voice chAnger. I know exactly what his nine year old alien voice sounds like as well as his nine year old monster voice. As well, as my six year old's and two year old's monster and alien voice. As well as what my thirty six year old husband's monster and alien voice sounds like. Now multiply that by 1,457 and that is how many times I've heard that wonderful musical charming gadget. Well worth the $5.96 we paid for it. Though, I may be accidentally throwing it in the street where a white minivan may or may not run it over while backing out the driveway. To be honest, I think even the boys got a little tired of it because I haven't heard it in a day. Phew. Hello human voices.

Checking to make sure the frosting matched the lego...two bottles of food coloring worth!
This is not a tutorial. Well, maybe just a little one.
I greased a muffin tin and made the cupcakes for the actual cake without the cupcake holders so that they would be line-less. Then I sliced off the tops
[which you can see unfrosted below.] Then, I smoothed some of the red frosting on both the cake and the cupcakes. I was sure to insert toothpicks into the cake where I would place the cupcakes so they wouldn't slide on top of the cake. I then put the cupcakes upside down on the cake. And, did my best to smooth everything out with the few cake decorating tools I have.

Waaaalllllaaaa...a Lego Cake.


sara's art house said...

Love the lego cake! I will have to try that. My kids love legos too. Happy B-day to a big 9 year old!

Fifi said...

Happy happy Birthday to D. Yip it's scary how fast they grow up!

Now that is a very clever idea for a cake! Well done it turned out so well!!

JavaMama said...

I love it!! How awesome :-).

JOYFully in HIm,

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

You rock! I know you made your son feel special with that cake.

Happy 9th!

Lori said...

ah, fantastic lego cake!! :^D)