Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last week, after reading an article from Beth at Pages of Our Life...I decided on a new thing we'd do...I made a tea time with the boys. So, I set up all candles on the table and told them about it--they were surprisingly excited. To make it dirt-like and boyish, like Beth suggested, I'd make them cocoa instead of tea, but they love when we do candles on the table.So, I make a plate of food--cheese and crackers, goldfish, etc. And, their part of the deal is to come in and discuss something they've read and share. So, it's all set up and I'm thinking oooh weee they are going to love it. Hunter sits down and says, "hey, he has more marshmallows than me!"Of course! So, Rachezz asks to go first. He explains this series he's been reading and we go back and forth and I ask lots of questions. My head is spinning cuz I'm thinking how the heck does this kid read this much and keep all these details in his brain. He was showing me maps and giving a history on the series and everything. Finally, he finishes.Suddenly, Hunter lifts up a stop watch and clicks it and says "twenty-one minutes and twenty seconds, boy, you talked for a long time." Hunter then told us why he liked Dr. Seuss and read one page of it. Done. Slurpppppp
Oh my gosh, I know they enjoyed this time. I loved it more.
We did of course, have to do this during JC's nap time. Hopefully, soon, he'll be able to join us.
As for now, "deep discussions" are random with this little bundle of energy and noise!


Fifi said...

What a wonderful idea! 21 minutes...!!!! Boy he has no problem with conversing!

LearningByHISgoodGrace said...

Wonder where he gets that from???!!! heee heee

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...


I am rolling over here! You made my whole month with this post and I totally laughing. Do you know my youngest thinks now that every time we eat we need to light the candles?! And I thought that was a girl thing.

I love how much your son talked and talked that is awesome. Great memories right?!

Thank you for sharing your happy moments with me and I loved being a fly on the wall.


Katherine said...

Sounds like things are going great, why didn't I realize you had a new school blog? I wondered why I hadn't been seeing any reports from you! I'm glad to see you guys enjoying school time!

Isabel said...

This is a great idea! I can't wait to make this a part of our day too. :)