Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No, this is not just a pile of homeschool curriculum brochures that my baby boy dumped on the floor during discovery time. This is actually what life has felt like while my husband was away in South Africa visiting our beloved family there. Do I really need to even explain?
Snow. [shoveling on no sleep!] Snow causing cancellations of my social functions!
Lonely. Sick babies. Missing hubby.
Sick Mommy.
Boys missing their daddy.
Come home Honey!
I have learned great compassion for the lonely hearted these past two weeks and am thankful for the new found empathy. Lessons are good, but tiring.
I did enjoy all the extra special time with the boys. And, of course, being able to drive hubby's new Jeep was fun. I may steal it.


Fifi said...

Not long now..... and he'll be back in your arms! He has missed you and the boys terribly. He told us that he never expected the seperation to be so hard!
It was so good to chat with him. I'm sure he'll tell you of our plans for the US. North Carolina looks like a wonderful place to live!

sara's art house said...

So sorry- that would kill me. You need some adult time. pray you make it through.