Monday, November 22, 2010

A Special Firehouse Visit

We enjoyed a really nice visit to a local firehouse recently with our homeschool group.
I've been to several of these, but this time, this particular staff went out of their way to give an awesome tour to the children (and moms!) It was very detailed and interesting and they were incredibly friendly.
Then, I realized that the firefighter giving us the tour was THE paramedic who had taken me from one hospital to the next where I delivered Willow. He works in two towns, in one as a paramedic only. He was so kind to me all the way to the hospital as I knew my baby was arriving, but also knew it was much too early for this to be happening--and didn't even know what was wrong with her . I should have been hysterical, yet it was actually a very calm journey. Joe was a big part of that as he spoke to me about his wife and daughter. I'm grateful. It was special to introduce the boys to him and to let everyone know, he was one of my heroes.
As pictured above, the boys got to sit in the truck. My oldest's favorite part was feeling the weight of the fire hose on his shoulders. The firefighters favorite seemed to be when they pulled out all the power tools off the truck to show the kids. A few of the moms noted how their eyes lit up!

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