Monday, June 20, 2011

The Creation to Greeks Tabernacle Model: Our Style

I'm not the best at planning for our projects. The teacher's manual says to use a milk or juice carton, well, two of them. I didn't have one, or two. : ) We're also way behind on our history : ( due to life's circumstances. So we are sort of in the fast lane with our history reading and projects. A week long lesson plan for this, turned out to be a morning long project. It was actually very nice to sit and do it and have it be completed in one day. Thankfully, my mom stepped in and cared for the baby for a while, so we were actually able to complete this modified model. I really like how it came out. We used two pieces of black scrap book paper that I simply glued together to use as a base. I did use google images to show them other models that have been made to show them what it "really looked like." It is nice and simple, but the boys were able to learn each part and its purpose. My 11 year old liked doing this. I know because I just asked him and he said, "yeah, it was pretty cool."

I really love how MFW lays out exactly what to say about each item (what a huge help.)

The Ark of the Covenant in the front and the rest of the project, still unlabeled in this photo. Yes, I labeled everything myself. After all the cutting and gluing, oh and my mom gave the baby back, it was just time to let the kids go jump on the trampoline, so they watched me label each thing. I first, asked each of the boys to point and discuss each part of the Tabernacle.

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