Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seafood Mykonos & A Chocolate Heart

VALENTINE'S NIGHT...My hubby and I went out for a bite to eat while Grandma babysat. We went to our absolute favorite restaurant and as we sat down I was so excited. My husband had made reservations and I knew exactly what I was getting, Seafood Mykonos. We've just recently changed our way of eating so we can get healthy. We eat very strict, but it just so happens mediterranean is great for us. Seafood Mykonos is my favorite--shrimp, scallops and lobster with mediterranean spices and FETA cheese!!! over a bed of broiled tomatoes. I couldn't wait!!! As I sat down to eat, the kind waiter placed a piece of paper over my plate...and announced that he would be back for our order momentarily. I looked at this paper and said to my husband, "where is the menu?" Really I meant, "uh what the heck is going on, where is my Seafood Mykonos???"

Well, our pleasant waiter informed us that "this" is the menu for the evening and he has strict orders not to take any other orders. "OK, thank you" we responded. As he walked away, we looked at one another and said, "wanna go to Chili's?" and giggled. It was pretty funny. Neither of us wanted to stay as there were no more than five items listed on a piece of paper and no where did it say seafood or we politely thanked the waiter for his time (he brought us water) and excused ourselves. He didn't seem surprised at all, the poor guy. Perhaps this is custom, but not for us. So...we actually went to a fantastic seafood place about five minutes away and had a great meal, we had to wait all of five minutes for a table. On the way to restaurant numero dos, I thanked my husband for his efforts and told him that it was really sweet. He had no way of knowing.

Once we got home, we all sat around the table and had chocolate-dipped strawberries. As you can tell...the baby doesn't like chocolate AT ALL. Weirdo! And boy I wish he'd learn to use a spoon properly!

My blonde hunk discovered some of the chocolate that missed the strawberry and it was in the shape of a heart which he so lovingly presented to me. All my sons are little romancers and can have me wrapped 'round their fingers in a matter of seconds.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Katrina,
What a shame you couldn't get the meal you wanted, but good for you guys for leaving and going somewhere else...

Your boys are adorable!

Sara Mincy said...

Those strawberries look yummy! Happy belated v-day!

Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh my goodness, that's a riot! I can't believe they'd hand you a simple piece of paper and expect you to order off of the choices they wrote there. Eew! Reminds me of those restaurants that are on TV - the kind that they need to shut down because half of the food in the back is spoiled or not suitable for eating. Perhaps you were better off going elsewhere.

Another couple went out to eat with us last night at a little place near Ikea (you know where that is). We made reservations ahead of time, and when we got there we were the only ones on their reservation list...on a Saturday night!! The owner was the only one there that we could see besides the chef for at least an hour! He even had to go around and light the candles on the tables and take our orders. We ordered appetizers and then he walked away before we could order our meals. The appetizers came out and we sat there holding the enormous menus while eating...very inconvenient. The food was awesome, but it was kind of creepy with no one else around. I think out of the 4 hours we were there (we ate a TON - had over $200. in gift certificates from that place so we had to spend them - ha ha), only 6 other tables were filled with parties of 4 or less. Strange!!! We'll never go back.

Love the photos of the boys!!! How adorable.

Heidi said...

Your boys are such cuties! Fun blog. :)

Thanks for visiting my place today!