Monday, February 11, 2008


The K is my interpretation of a modern day Dick & Jane theme

I hope I got it right!

I've been busy creating some new things. I haven't block mounted in a very long time and this was the first time I ever used scrap paper (that I can remember)--I normally used proper decoupage paper.

The e was for a friend's daughter's birthday present. I love that I can create something for someone that will be lasting and so personal to them. I hope Little E loves her letter! But, it's not as much as I love her.

The K was made for someone--and that person will give that as a gift to her friend's daughter. Pretty kewl...

The front of the letter was completed with scrap paper...all the sides were painted with a muted pastel pink and then just some light accenting.


Fee said...

Those are beautiful! Well done clever girl! I love the 'e'!

Love Fee

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I just came over from Penny's blog. I just love the "p" you did for her and everything else I've just seen!

You do lovely work :-) Rosie

Naturegirl said...

I just came in by way of Penny as she posted the letter that you sent her!
Your work is beautiful! I looked back at some other letters that you've done! Beautiful! I am expecting a brand new granson in've inspired me! The pink and white w/ ribbon just delicious and charming!!
Thank you for sharing your creative talents with us! :)NG

Colors of Me said...

i'm here from penny's blog too - just wanted to say your work is gorgeous!!