Monday, August 11, 2008


Stepping Stones Academy -- the Planner.

I created this planner in MS Publisher, but will add it here as a PDF for others to use if I can figure out how.Just tonight, while speaking with my husband about the boys' schedule, I realized tonight that I forgot to add "Computers" as a subject. He really wants to teach the boys Word and Excel--and at some stage teach them to build a computer from start to finish. So, if I were to recreate this, I'd add "Computers."This is similar to a planner I used two years ago and loved. I just thought I could customize it to better suit our school. Staples bound this with a blank cover page and then a protective plastic covering over that (40 weeks worth of copying) for under $9. Well worth it to me. I had each boy illustrate and label their own planner. You can see a partial of the cover below.

One thing I liked about this is that I could use the planner to teach my boys about scheduling. Even in Kindergarten, my oldest began to see his schedule for the week and I'd let him cross off what was completed. He even wanted to start to write in what was due. This year I'll plan to tell them what is due by the end of the week and allow them to write in what should be done in order to meet the deadline of what is due. Of course this won't work with all things, but it is like a class in and of itself, in my opinion--teaching time management and organization. I could use a lesson in this myself!
This planner is meant to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper, landscape, double-sided. The pages should face the other and lay as a two-page spread. Hope this helps!


sara's art house said...

Looks great! Good for you! I was lazy and bought the Mary Engelbreit planner.

Beth said...

If you will go to my blog and on the bottom of the Left hand side I have a "Tool Box". Follow the link and it is so easy to create files. I do it with google. BTW I love the idea of making your own planner. I wrote mine out last year and it took 4EVER! If I had pre printed it would have been so much easier!

What size paper did you print that out as?

Fifi said...

That is an excellent idea..... yes please share it with us!!!

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

I had edited the post--if you click on wherever it says planner--well almost wherever it says planner, it is a link to the planner as a PDF. Thanks to Beth!
Oh and my husband of course.

Sharon said...

I love the question, "Mom, did you pray for your children?" and then the days of the week. That's a wonderful reminder to have in the planner!
~ Sharon from Equip Academy