Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summerish dinner

New England weather lately is crazy, 80 degrees one day, the need for a sweater the next. I have definitely been taking advantage of the warmer days by making "summer dinners!" Our first corn on the cob this season was mouthwatering--even the baby was savoring every bite, it tasted so good! BBQ chicken-- yum. I indoor grilled it (you know on my indoor grill--no-- on the grill pan) since my hubby was working later than normal. Did you know I'm afraid to light the grill? I don't know why, but, I am afraid of it. Only the man grills! Some day maybe I'll introduce myself to the grill and we can become good buddies. Some day.
One thing I do for every dinner is plate it all fancy. I love serving my family dinner with big bowls and platters. I always keep my eye out for nice platters as inexpensive as I can find them. I've also received some nice ones for holidays. The table might be paint-stained, sticky and/or have a drill hole that someone made when they drilled a bit further than they should have on a craft project, but you will have a nice presentation dang it!

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