Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Belated Birthday...post

Stripes, cowboys boots WITH tube socks and camo shorts! You go boy!

He wore Spidy so often, I had to sew it over and over at the seams!

The newest costume now making an appearance here there and everywhere!

My second son turned seven at the end of March. Something I really enjoy about him is his desire to dress...in whatever he feels like! In his homeschool yearbook page he wrote, "my mom let's me dress however I want, even though she thinks it's goofy."

He has always dressed in the a way I can describe as, fashionable. I love it and it's fashionable in the most masculine sense of the word--can you say camouflage!? Or Superhero costumes? I love it.

A remarkable change I am witnessing is his desire about the Lord and learning about all things, Jesus. It's such a privilege to watch his interest shift. The new church we've been attending includes the whole family in the worship service. They then take a 20 minute break and do Sunday School, adults to one class, kids to their respective classes. What a change for our family. They also did baptisms during the Easter service and my boys were so enthralled! It was so encouraging to witness their interest to learn about baptism. We have watched baptisms before but it was always a separate service, after a long day. On Easter, my two older boys watched with interest, listened to the testimony and seemed so encouraged after the dunks took place! On Sundays, I look over at my middle boy and he's trying to sing right along with the congregation, all without my own coaxing. What a blessing this has been. He's really being nurtured into a relationship with the Lord, right along side of us. My older son is beginning to blossom as well. I am so thankful. This is what makes me thankful about this trial we've been going through. When you see good things like this happening, it's hard not to close my eyes and just say, "thank you."

So, my seven year old, not only surprises me with his quirky wardrobe choices, but he surprises me with his inner attire as well--his thougtfulness and curiosity about the God we serve. One is his choice and I fully approve, the other is God's doing and I am so thankful!

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Tänia said...

That is sweet. And what a great Mom you are... blessings to you!

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