Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A small gift...Tuesdays Unwrapped

"Mom, this leg doesn't fit right," he said.

I half-heartedly respond, "what do you mean?"

I make my way to the living room to see what all the fuss is about.

I give it a go..he's right, the plastic pieces include joints that just won't allow you to put it together. I attempted, for a few minutes, to place the femur in the merticular cateever...yes, I'm improvising inappropriately. But, that's what it felt like trying to piece the "bones" together. I even broke the metacarpalis vernacularis trying to use my meat tenderizer as a hammer to wedge it in place (I have no idea what these parts are yet, but I will learn them along with the boys when we do our human body unit soon.) I tell him to give it some more time and try to follow the picture. I can hear him huffing and complaining a little from the other room as I try to finish up something. Um, did I mention that what I was trying finish up involved superglue and said knee of a human body plastic model? It actually worked, I have it right here in front of me on my desk. Kewl. Super glue is super. However, as you will see it still won't give this guy any feet to stand on.

ANyHoo...back to the huffing nine year old.
"What's wrong Honey Pie?" I say.

He solemnly mumbles, "I don't know, Mom. I'm frustrated with this thing, it won't come out right, I think the parts are wrong."
"Let me see it."
He puts it on the table for me to view.
Laughter belts out of me and I can't wait to take a photo.
My mundane morning, wondering why I feel so cruddy disappears.

Ah, Emily, I love you for doing Tuesdays Unwrapped. This too, is a small gift.

And, I appreciate it.

What do you think?


mamamia said...

ha hah ha, this is hilarious. seriously glad that we do not look like this! great picture! and what a patient mommy!

The Greggs said...

ROFL!!!! I can't wait for my husband to see this one - he's a chiropractor!

emily said...

I've been tearing up all morning, reading these awesome and heartfelt posts about celebrating the moment. And now? I am tearing up again. NO JOKE! I nearly peed my pants from all the laughing! HAHAHA!!!! This is so awesome. Thank YOU for taking a photo of it and sharing it. HAHA...oh. Still laughing. That is so good...

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

HA! That was funny! :-)


Fifi said...

That's hilarious!!! I laughed out loud .... the boys came running and said "WHat the heck is that?" When I told them, they joined in with my laughing!

Fifi said...

Hey..... I'm missing your news!!! Just dropped by .... xx