Monday, March 30, 2009


This devotion today really blessed me. I hope others will be blessed by it as well.

March 30th's devotion from
Streams in the Desert by L.B. Cowman

In regards to Isaiah 50:11...

Beloved, never try to get out of a dark place except in God's timing and in His way. A time of trouble and darkness is meant to teach you lessons you desperately need. Premature deliverance may circumvent God's work of grace in your life. Commit the entire situation to Him, and be willing to abide in darkness knowing He is present.Remember, it is better to walk in the dark with God, than to walk alone in the light, from The Still Small Voice.Stop interfering with God's plans and with His will. Touching anything of His mars the work. Moving the hands of a clock to suit you does not change the time. You may be able to rush the unfolding of some aspect's of God's will, but you will harm His work in the long run. You can force a rosebud open, but you spoil the flower. Leave everything to Him, without exception. "Not what I will, but what you will." (Mark 14:36)
Stephen Merritt

from Sunday School Times

God sent me on when I would stay
('Twas cool within the wood);
I did not know the reason why.
I heard a boulder crashing by
'Cross the path where I had stood.

He had me stay when I would go;
"Your will be done," I said.
They found one day at early dawn,
Across the way I would have gone,
A serpent with a mangled head.

I ask no more the reason why,
Although I may not see
The path ahead, His way I go;
For though I know not, He does know,
And He will choose safe paths for me.

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Mrs. Guthrie said...

Wow... we have been going through such a time and stopping over here and reading that was so perfect!! Thanks for being obedient and posting! ;)