Sunday, September 28, 2008


1. I am partially deaf in my right ear. I need a hearing aid, but it is too expensive so I either just say "pardon" a lot or smile and pretend I understand, then realize about 5 seconds later what you have said and either am glad I agreed or I quietly wish I had that hearing aid.
2. Both of my optic nerves were damaged when I was born. Miraculously, my brain "decided" that my right eye would shut down and my left eye took over. I only focus with my left eye. I see with my right eye, but the vision is weak--kind of how everyone else sees peripherally--I can't read past the top line of the eye chart with it! You know the big E. I have all this weird stuff wrong with them that I don't know how to explain, but I should have double vision. But, my brain's complicated, but I'm thankful for my vision!
3. I met my husband on the internet in 1996--before internet dating was even thought of! Most people didn't even have computers at home yet--I was at an internet cafe and on the internet for probably one of the first times. Read my ABOUT ME for a few more embarassing details.
4. I lived in South Africa shortly after I was married. This is how I met Fee
I loved it there and wish I could have the best of both places in one--including our beloved family and friends.
5. I was attacked by a swarm of bees as a kid, while on the beach--but I didn't get stung even once. Literally hundreds of bees covered my body from head to toe. It took a long time to get them to leave me. The water was freezing, but my mom and her friend managed to coax me into the water and they all flew away. It was terrifying.
6. I was crossing train tracks as a kid and didn't hear a train coming. Stupidly, it wasn't at a marked crossing. My friend and I looked up and there it was. We were terrified and ran as fast as we could. To this day, my heart jumps when we are close to a train.
7. FAMILY TREE Weirdfacts: I am directly related to every founding member of Rye, New Hampshire. For real. There's even a book about the town and I am related to every single person that founded the town. I only found that out about 5 years ago. I am also related to Swedish royalty (supposedly); a guy named Herman the German; my grandmother's grandmother was best friends and first cousin's with LL Bean's wife, Bertha. My grandmother remembers when it opened--she knew LL Bean and his wife as she played at her grandmother's as a kid. There's still a distant relation, but no one cares but us!
I am directly related to 3 Mayflower passengers, including the rebel that was on the ship. He did later turn to Christ, so that's good to know.
She always told us all this stuff and we never believed her, but when we looked it up--we were all saying, "Oh my gosh, she was telling the truth about everything!"
EXTRA in case the others are non-humorous
When I was very young, I was watching a movie about Adam & Eve...I remember watching and being so confused. I thought, well if they were the only two people, who was there filming?
Do you think I'm a weirdo or what?
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sara's art house said...

Interesting facts! Thanks for tagging me.

sara's art house said...

Interesting facts! Thanks for tagging me.

Beth said...

That was fun reading! Thanks for participating. I think it is so cool how much you know about your ancestors. We read about the Mayflower rebel last year. That is neat that you know that.

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

You mean you read about Edward Doty? Wow! Seriously?

Fifi said...

Hehe.... I remember when Mr P. came over and told us that he had met a girl on the internet!! We were like " No ways!! Could this really work?????" God does work in mysterious ways! You own a wonderful story!

Melissa said...

Rye, NH?! That is too funny. Just found your blog via another and while reading your main page, I found these facts and had to laugh. As a native New Englander myself, it's not hard to find yourself related to a bunch of locals. :) Fun blog--happy blogaversary! :)