Monday, October 6, 2008

A funny lesson

We watched America's Funniest Home Videos last night. They had a segment on men getting waxed--it showed guys having huge wax strips ripped off their chests, back and stomachs (on purpose!) We were all cracking up--they even had some guys standing on roofs, having a rock thrown off the roof--the rock was tied with a rope--the rope was attached to the wax strip which was attached to the guy's stomach. One by one, the wax strips were ripped off and the guys reactions were simply hilarious. What people do for a laugh.......

So, this morning we were doing "bible" and my eight year old is reading to us about Abraham and the covenant of circumcision. I think nothing of it.

Then, when he finishes the passage, he looks up and says,
"Mom, what is circumcision?"

Oh boy. Hubby, hello, do you have to be at work? And, why can't anyone be here to hear this stuff? And, why can't I have a video camera to capture this stuff? So, I explained circumcision to my eight year old and six year old sons.

There is an eerie dead silence.

Their eyeballs are going up and down and I could tell they are thinking, squirming and confused.

So, my eight year old says, "so it's like 'wah', here's your baby" He then makes a motion of what looks like ripping off a wax strip and makes the noise of paper tearing and then says "I love you, God" sort of mimicking how these men would show their devotion..."Is that what it was like mom, like on America's Funniest Home Video?"

The two boys then began demonstrating it over and over again.... :-) We all laughed so was pandemonium at our house today but now they know....about waxing/covenants/circumcision/etc etc...

This was great on my last morning as a 33 year old.


sara's art house said...

Oh dear! :) I am dreading that conversation.....

Fifi said...

Oh MrsP. that was funny!!! That's why we blog, to remember times and conversations like these!