Monday, October 27, 2008

Language Arts and Copywork

I have often been asked how we school or plan to school our boys, who differ in ages and stages. Bible, History, Science and some other things are taught together--with my third grader having more expected of him in these areas. Language Arts is something taught completely separate. Though, they often want to know about what the other is doing. For my third grader, we use Primary Language Lessons. Below is an example of what was expected of him today. Some days, I have him only write the word that would fill in the blanks. Today, I asked him to write the sentences out. Still need to double-check his work. He does a lot of this work independently--with my supervision being that I will proofread and correct where necessary.
My first grader uses First Language Lessons which includes lots of help from Mom!
I have made a deal with him that on most days, he will only need to write out two words each day until Christmas and we will slowly build. I've heard/read/listened to many opinions about this, and I am quite comfortable with this. Rather have him enjoy and learn, than learn to hate it. Today, I thought this poem was quite fitting and taught us both a good lesson--so we memorized it and both wrote it out. He complained after writing the first two lines and I said, "Hey, look, you've already written one fourth of the poem--like how there are fours quarters in a dollar, only three more to go, that's great!" (Cool, math is all set for the day--Just Kidding!) Then, I whipped out the camera and took a picture as he got further and he quickly 'worked while he was working' and asked me to photograph the completed page.

He asked me to write it for him as well, so I obliged.

JC, well he loves to "do stickers." So, he "did stickers."
He said "BAT."
That's a two year old's Language Arts.
Prior to this lesson, Hunter was reading this Nursery Rhyme book with him.
He loves when his older brothers read to him.

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Fifi said...

You are doing wonders with the kidlets!!!! Well Done! I can hear/read and see that you enjoy educating your boys! Isn't it a wonderful task to be able to teach our kids! I feel incredibly blessed to be my kids tutors!