Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hebrew Writing Scroll

Here is what the scroll will end up looking like. You take two pieces of paper--and squoosh (squish, squash) them all up over and over, lay them flat out and do it again. Then...
...use a cheat sheet like the above and write a phrase, in Hebrew and English--unless you can read Hebrew of course, then you don't need the translation.

I bought this book from the CHAP homeschool convention. I couldn't believe the price! They had two such books and both contain amazing projects for kids. I actually planned this for our Wed night children's ministries last week--but since I planned it, it still counts for our homeschool, right?

Look right up there and you will see the scroll...and below is what it looks like opened:

It's pretty neat that when you wrinkle the paper over and over, it really takes on a neat texture.
Especially the construction paper (orange.)

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Fifi said...

Helloooooo...... Looks like you're all having fun, and learning a lot!

Great idea to have a seperate homeschool blog!