Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cake Toppers

For years I have painted and decorated nursery decor. This past year, upon the request of my amazing woodworker, Ed, I began decorating monogram cake toppers.

I've always kept my side business a little hush hush while writing this blog and was doing lettering only based on referral; or repeat client. Why? Because at one stage I had lettering all over my house and I got so overwhelmed with orders. My poor family. My prices were far too low and my husband expressed that for the little profit I was making, he and the boys were definitely feeling the neglect and it wasn't worth it. So I did what I needed to do: I stopped advertising. I also raised my prices a little. OK, a lot. But, these things take more hours than you can imagine. My current web site has needed an update forever.
I'm close to launching a new updated web site soon, so I will be announcing that some time. For now, these are some photos of cake toppers I've completed. Can you tell which ones are acrylic rhinestones and which ones are real Swarovski? These are all about 5-7 inches tall, made from wood and very delicate. Check back soon for news of the new site.

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