Monday, July 27, 2009

So, We Have Already Joined a New Church

Yesterday, we joined a new church. My husband and I were asked to speak a few words before the congregation in order to state our intentions of wanting to join. It isn't official yet, that will happen [hopefully : )] during the next church conference. At this point, we can now "act" like members and begin serving in the congregation. I wanted to share my words so that friends can see that God has brought us to a new place. Months ago, we were so distraught after leaving our other church. Never did we imagine a day like yesterday would come. It's always so difficult to see the light when you're in the middle of a mess. God is good to have brought us through. He was good even when we were in the mess--but we're so thankful that he's brought us to a new home.

My shared words yesterday:

I actually attended my first Sunday waiting for something that I wouldn’t like. Well, about one half hour into our very first service here, I heard [an older, very faithful man] pray. His kindhearted voice speaking of Christ’s redemption got my attention and I remember how much hearing him really blessed me that first day here. There was nothing that went on that I didn’t like.

I remember that I felt like the service was a culmination of pieces of the way I worshiped growing up—and I really love it.

So, I decided we could give it another week, maybe.

I can’t name the countless members here who blessed my family with kind words, hugs, smiles, encouragement, lovingly teaching my children, told me it was OK if the baby crawled under pews.

When we first left our other church and were wondering what on earth our lives would be like, I thought we’d end up settling for the next best thing. I never realized God would bring us to a church that I would love more than I imagined. I attended the children’s church planning meeting and was so blessed to see a group of people, differing in opinion, but spending the time to work it out and make a plan, it was really special. I want to be a part of that. It’s not any one thing…though I love the hymns and contemporary music, I love the prayer time, the praise time, the sermons have greatly affected my walk--I love that it all points to Christ, I love the language that many members use here when referring to gathering—worshipping together…I want to worship with you. I like the reverence exhibited here. The humility too. I love that my children worship with me. That means so much to me.

I love that you want my children here, crawling under the pews, but happy to be here.

My family has been so loved by this church and we’ve been ministered to and we have healed. And, now I would like the privilege to serve alongside you.


Fifi said...

Yes .... I can hear you are excited about being apart of this new church! I am so happy for you and the fam.
I SOOOOO agree with you that families should be together when they worship God. What a blessing!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am so glad you found a church home-- a church family. I pray that you will be a blessing to each other.

I love my church family dearly-- they make the good times better and the difficult times more bearable!


PS Thank you for praying for my family-- it makes a world of difference!